Guest Strips by Tavis Maiden

My partner in crime here at Toonhound Studio, Cory Casoni, did something cool earlier this year. He opened up a creative studio space in Portland and has been filling it with amazing creative people from the area. Tomorrow I drive down to spend a week working there and I couldn't be more excited about it.

While I'm traveling, getting set up and settling in, Tavis Maiden is going to be doing a couple of guest strips here at PvP. Tavis is best known for his work on the brilliant Tenko King, but you also might know his art from the hilarious Binwin's Minions comic strip that runs every Friday at Table Titans.

Tavis has been starting each day by creating a piece of original art that then goes on sale at the Table Titans store. If you're missing out on these you might want to start checking them out.

Thanks for the guest strips, Tavis!!