Guess Who?

It’s the beginning of a new week and that means a new story spotlight.

Like many geek-Americans, I got hooked on “new Who” when the Sci-fi channel started to air the Christopher Eccleston season. And shortly after, I got my wife hooked. Needless to say that, like the rest of the world, we fell in absolute love with David Tennant. Every Who fan has “their doctor” and I guess ours will always be David. And of course, this love made its way into the panels of PvP the comic strip.

Interesting tid-bit about this story, it lead to PvP going color. Doing greyscale shading for the sequences where Brent was dreaming made me realize I could shade all of my strips without really affecting my workload. And after shading the strip for a couple months, it dawned on me that I could shade with color instead of grey and spend the same amount of time.

Also: although it’s not a part of this particular storyline, this Who-centric comic strip is one of my personal favorites.