Gencon and new stuff

Table Titans is at Gencon this weekend. Come see us at booth 2667!

We have some sweet deals and a brand new book for you to pick up. Binwin's Minions vol 1 is available at the show and both Cory and Tavis are waiting for you, eager to sign your very own copy. Tavis will probably even draw in it for you. Just ask!

Do you fight Dragons in Dungeons? Then you probably want a cool way to keep track of your character. I bet your whole gaming group does. Don't worry, we have you covered. Our Adventure Journal is a stylish moleskin facimile the holds three characters between cloth-lined hardcovers. And we have a summer special on these books. You get four journals and a DM screen for $25 in savings.

What's that? You can't make it to Gencon this year but you would really like to get in on these savings? No problem. Just mage-portal over to our online store where our summer special is available for purchase online!

Everyone have fun at Gencon. Be safe, stay hydrated and stop by booth 2667 to say hello.