Gencon 2014

We are GenCon bound!

This weekend, if you're going to be at GenCon, please come by the Table Titans booth 2435. I'll be there along with Steve and Cory and even Brian will be there one day. We want to see you so please come find us. Last year I attended GenCon as a special guest of WoTC and many of you asked where my booth was. Well we didn't have a booth last year, but this year we do and we're bringing a lot of stuff for you to pick up. 

First there's a wide assortment of our tees from Welovefine. Including these new designs we made specially to have at GenCon, but if you can't make the show you can get the new shirts online at! We'll also be bringing an assortment of art for your gaming room walls. Our skill-set motivational posters for Dungeoneering, Perception and Diplomacy will be on hand. We'll also have a limited number of our giclee fine art prints. Get these while they last.

Also at the booth will be our adventurer's kit tote that was such a hit at Pax East this year. And we have a brand new item for Gencon, a PvP playmate for you card slingers (also doubles as a bad-ass mousepad).

Big news for you PvP fans. We found the very last of our Awesomeology hardcovers in the Diamond Comics warehouse and had them shipped to the show. Gencon will be literally the last place you can get your hands on this slipcased hardcover. So be sure to stop by the booth to pick one up earlier than later. Pinny Arcade fans should be alerted, we will be bringing what stock we have left of our bard rock and farting skull pins. Giving those of you who couldn't make it to a PAX show to get your hands on one.

I'm going to be on one panel this year:

From the Table to the Panel: How RPG's Influence Comics

Love gaming table tales turned comics? Learn how it’s done with Scott Kurtz (PvP, Table Titans), Ryan Sohmer (Looking for Group), Brian Patterson (d20Monkey), and Nolan T. Jones (House of ORR).

Really looking forward to seeing everyone at the show. Please come by booth 2435 and say hello.