First World Cartoonist Problems

It dawned on me today that twitter might be harming my cartooning.

Let me just throw this out there and you guys can discuss amongst yourselves.

When we mentor young cartoonists we talk a lot about economy. Economy of line, economy of words. Boiling things down to their core concepts. Editing and trimming dialog. Saying as much as possible with as little words as possible. In fact, I think it’s Jim Davis that self imposes a 25 word limit to his comics (or something crazy like that). So it’s all about forcing a big idea into a small space and making it quickly consumable but sharp and witting and….wait. This sounds a lot like what a lot of people do on twitter.

Is twitter a direct competitor for cartooning?

More than once I’ve twittered something that I consider to be smart and funny when suddenly my feeling of pride fades as I realize. “Oh shit. That was a comic strip.” I mean looking back at one my favorite tweets:

there's gold in there.

That’s PvP comedy gold, and I’m wasting it. Eagerly. Instead of chuckling and writing that down in a notebook for use later, I felt this bullshit social pressure to say something funny on twitter. UGH. What am I doing? A mentor of mine once sat me down to have a “come to Jesus” talk to me about twitter. And he wisely suggested that Twitter might be a net loss for me. I’m starting to think that he’s right.