Emerald City Comicon 2013

Con season is starting up!

This year, due to all the new projects I've taken on I'll be limiting my appearances to the essential "never-miss" shows. The first being the Emerald City Comicon.

The show is next weekend, March 1-3 and I'll be set up at booth 1105, right next to B-rad, K-Straub, and Davey-K. It's gonna be a weekend of cartooning, commerce and freestyle rapping.

Also, for the first time in two years, the Webcomics Weekly crew will be returning to the stage, LIVE, Friday March, 1st at 7pm in Hall A (611-614). You're gonna wanna get a seat early, cause we always fill the house.

Look guys, here's the bottom line. The Emerald City Comicon is hands down my favorite comic con of the year. I can't wait for it to be next weekend. I'm at half-chub over this whole thing and I hope you are too (girl-chubs welcome).

See you there.