Eisner Voting

I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention that voting for the 2010 Eisner Awards is now open. Specifically I wanted to let you know because one of my best buds is up for an award this year and I find him to be very deserving. So I wanted to pass this on to my readership, and ask that those of you eligible to vote please do so. And also, to vote for Dave Kellett.

Yeppers, Sheldon has been nominated for an Eisner Award! Our very own Webcomics Weekly co-host is an honored nominee this year. And I would hate for him to walk away empty handed so I am campaigning EARNESTLY for him.

Are you eligible to vote?  Are you a webcomics/print creator, graphic-novel librarian, editor or comics educator? Then yes, absolutely! Sheldon’s “Literature” book was nominated in the Best Humor category (category 8), and I’d appreciate your support! Register to vote, or login here to vote!

Also! Dave is giving out free PDF copies of the nominated book, for you to review before you vote. Download your review copy (11.5 MB, PDF format) here!