ECCC/PAX East recap

Man, It's been forever since I posted a blog update.

This year, our convention seasons has two halves: ECCC/PAX East in the spring and Gencon/PAX Prime in the late summer. We just finished up the first half of our 2014 con season and it was energizing, inspiring and very very tiring (exhibiting is a young person's game, let me tell you).

Emerald City Comicon has grown into a huge show, and it's an amazing one. Emerald City, and their staff/volunteers are very passionate and dedicated to making their show a wonderful experience for everyone involved. The show, despite having amazing media guests, is very comics focused and it shows. I shared a booth with Tavis Maiden and Brad Guigar, which was a total blast. Our booth was right across from our friends and Periscope Studios (including Dylan Meconis) and also across from Brian Hurtt's artist alley table. It was a Toonhound Studios power corner and we had a blast.

This year (I don't know if they did this last year or not), all of the gaming booths were on the 3rd floor of the Sheraton and everyone was open way late into the evening. Guigar and I went up at 10:30 to buy magic cards and the place was still hopping with gamers. Pretty great. ECCC this year was all about great times with peers I love working with, amazing fans, and a lot of food, drinks, games and laughs, all in my backyard. You can't ask for better.

PAX East was friggin crazy this year. We rarely had a moment to step away from our booth to use the restroom to get a bite to eat. It was non-stop and everyone who came up to see us was excited, friendly, passionate about our comics and just a joy to meet.

Spoiler alert: Pinny Arcade pin collectors are intense. I was skeptical our first year, but man I am so excited to be a part of that community. We met collectors who were helping us price our pins based on their scarcity (and then paid for them at the higher prices), collectors buying pins for whole lists of friends, and collectors willing to help US get the rare pins that required you to hit booths on the floor since we weren't able to take time away from our exhibitor duties. I watched, more than once, as a "pin pal" was offered insane money for a rare pin on their lanyard and they always very politely declined stating that they never trade pins for money. And every time these kids would help the interested party learn the best way to obtain their desired treasure. What a really awesome group of people. So nice to meet all of them.

Also at PAX East I got to play Dungeons and Dragons on stage with the boys and Morgan Webb. Morgan is such an amazing person. She was very excited to go over the details of her character before the show and make sure she understood every little detail (the rules are very new to everyone), she had a dice bag her mother had knitted for her and was excited to display it, and she was hilarious on stage. She had hands down some of the best moments of the game. Our story ended in a cliffhanger so I really hope Morgan will come back and finish it with us at PAX Prime.

Thank you to every single person who came up to our booth with a smile and friendly word. We love seeing you all at these shows and you're always so nice and supportive. It was great to meet you all. Looking forward to Gencon and Pax Prime (and PAX South next year. Yay!)