Dwarven Delve

Some good friends of mine are making a video game. And not just any video game, a fantasy action puzzle crawler with dwarves in it. So basically, they got my letters, and they're running a Kickstarter RIGHT NOW to help independently produce this amazing piece of entertainment just for me (not really).

It's called Dwarven Delve and I can guarantee that it's unlike any game you've ever played. In it, you'll be leading a team of dwarves through dark underground corridors in search of fame and fortune, but unlike other games, you control the layout of the dungeon, rotating tiles to route your team to treasure and your enemies to their deaths.

It's fast paced, fun and challenging and is going to be released early next year on Mac, PC, iOS and Android platforms. And you can even play an alpha build of the game RIGHT NOW.

But here's what's really got me excited. Since the people making this game are friends of mine, and since I also make content featuring awesome dwarves, we're teaming up for Dwarven Delve's first stretch goal. Check this out: In the game you collect and reforge dwarven relics and learn about ancient lost dwarven lineages and lore. Doing so bolsters your group, giving them special powers to vanquish their enemies.

Dwarven Delve's very first stretch goal will be to add the Bronzebottom clan to the game. Players will be able to collect and reforge the ancient relics of the Bronzebottom clan and also learn the secret past of Binwin's ancestors. It's a wonderful opportunity to flesh out Binwin's ancestry, and explore what really happened to disgrace the Bronzebottom clan (as hinted at during our D&D live games at PAX).

I really hope that you'll support this independent developer and help the Tinkerhouse team to bring this truly unique game to market. And yes, of course, to help me get to explore some really fun Bronzebottom backstory in a truly interactive medium. It would be SO much fun.

So please check out the Dwarven Delve Kickstarter. Download and play the Alpha and join our band of brave dwarves. We need your help down here in these dark corridors to face our enemies, bend the earth itself to our will and reclaim our heritage. But...in a light, puzzley-action-game kind of way of course.