Many hours of my youth were spent devouring issues of Dragon and Dugeon magazine.

Dungeons & Dragons is a living game and every month these magazines provided new ideas, erratta, adventures, interviews and (most importantly) comics! The halcyon days of print magazines are gone but the tradition continues digitally with Dragon+, a new digital magazine available for free on your iOS device (android soon). I'm really excited for this app to be released because Toonhound Studios will be contributing some content ourselves for you to enjoy. We're expanding the Table Titans universe with the hilarious adventures of Tavis Maiden's Gauntlet Gophers. Who are the Guantlet Gophers? I'll let Tavis describe them:

"The Gauntlet Gophers are a group of adventurers who are always just a little bit late to the party. Either due to double booking a quest or the sheer fact that they've got tiny legs and just get there in time. In their minds they are GREAT adventurers and they might even be competent, if they weren't always lagging. Only the wizard (Trefoil) seems aware of their folly, while the others seemingly live in delusion"

You can meet the Gophers for yourself, and also partake in the bounty of D&D treasure by downloading Dragon+ now.