Ding! Call for your WoW stories

In the new year, I’ve decided to take back over all the creative regins on my comic strip “Ding!”. Once again, I’ll be writing and drawing the strip. But that’s not all that’s changing.

World of Warcraft isn’t just a game. It’s a community of shared experiences and I thought it would be awesome if “Ding!” reflected that, while at the same time giving some WoW fans a chance to see some of their exploits immortalized in a webcomic.

Following the brilliant format of my buddy Brad Guigar’s Phables, I’m changing up “Ding!.” No longer will the strip follow the exploits of Kissybear and the Panda Attack guild. Instead Ding! will tell YOUR stories about you and your local band of heroes.

If you have a great WoW story that you would like to share with the Ding! audience, just email me your story in your own words. Be sure to include your character name, and server so I can give you credit (if you don’t want people to know that information, a fictional name can be made up for you). Don’t be shy about including a screenshot of your toon so I know how you’re dressing these days (and I can recreate all your leet gear in cartoon form).

If your story is picked and turned into a Ding! comic, you’ll receive an 11x17 print of the strip, so be sure to include a contact email address with your submission.

Send me your hilarious or awesome WoW story today! I’d love to turn it into a comic strip.

Ding strips will return next Wednesday on a once-a-week schedule.