Dig Dug Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for Shiftylook.com

Because they hired me to draw a Dig Dug Thanksgiving special for their website to continue the celebration of the classic arcade game’s 30th anniversary.

The Dugs have quite a little backstory that most American’s probably don’t know about. Dig Dug himself is named “Taizo Hori” and he has a wife and some sons. One of which, went on to become the famous Mr. Driller and the other one who…well…that’s what our special is all about.

Head on over to Shiftylook.com to check out the strips. They’ve been running now for a couple of days and will continue on through the week.

I hope you “dig” them (nailed it).

But wait, there’s more!

We also recorded a brand new special episode of Webcomics Weekly for you. A dark force brought us out of retirement for one last podcast.