Comics Delivered Straight To Your Cyberzone

In a recent episode of Webcomics Weekly we talked to comic book artist Skottie Young about his experiments in selling digital pdfs of his comics directly to his fans via his website. Skottie encouraged me to conduct a similar experiment and report my findings, and so I have decided to take the leap and give it a go.

I’ve added a “digital” section to the PvP Store and put two graphic novels up for sale via 1s and 0s. Captain Amazing, and PvP: The Dork Ages. Captain Amazing is a 50 page graphic novel I created in college and offers a unique look at my work before PvP and the internet. PvP: The Dork Ages collects all of the long-form PvP comics that I self published in the early aughts.

So check them out. They might be books you saw on my convention table or in the store that you previously weren’t in a position to check out. But now you can pretty cheaply and conveniently. It’s really just about 5-10 clicks away from being open on your screen right now. No middlemen, no distributors, no special apps you need to download. Just the comics sent straight to your cyberzone.