Chris Onstad on the Sound of Young America

I just got done listening to the latest episode of “The Sound of Young America” featuring an interview with Achewood creator Chris Onstad. It was a fantastic interview that really got me pumped up about making comics and really making 2009 a fantastic year for my own projects.

Chris talks a bit about the importance of getting to cons and interacting with his fans in real life, and the pressures he feels once he gets home to create work worthy of their investment. That really spoke to me.

You know, we cartoonists don’t have a central office with a watercooler we can all talk at. So these little peeks into each other’s lives and thoughts helps SO much. If you are compelled to make any type of creative work, be it webcomics or photography or screenwriting or music…listen to this podcast. It’ll fire you up.

The most exciting part was at the end when host Jesse Thorn announced next week’s show would feature “Wondermark’s” David Malki!.