Sad news for readers who are fans of our basset hounds Bella & Butler: We had to say goodbye to Butler over the weekend.

Both of these puppies came to us in 2009 from the North Dallas Basset Rescue. For the last nine years we've had so much fun with both of these dogs. They've been a focal point of much of my social media and so many of you have enjoyed them online and ask about them at shows.

Saying goodbye to Butler was difficult and gut-wrenching and it's surreal to be home and see Bella without him. It's sad, and upsetting, but soon that will become easier to burden and the memories of companionship will shine through again. Bella's doing fine. She's getting a lot of extra attention for sure.

I'm not a rainbow bridge guy. I'm not 100% convinced there's a heaven for people, let's not start inventing ones for animals. That concept, sadly, brings me no comfort. Instead I take quite seriously the gift we were given when dogs decided they would make us members of their pack. They love us unconditionally, bring us company, joy and peace. In exchange we provide them love, comfort and do what has to be done when their bodies fail them. Butler and I both performed our duties to each other honorably and that's enough for me.

Godspeed you sweet, goofy boy.

p.s. you should all probably expect a lot of comic strips featuring Kirby this week smile