Binwin’s Minions

With the schedule for PAX South being posted and the reveal of our Binwin's Minions Panel we’re getting lots of questions about Binwin and Acq Inc that we wanted to address.

Binwin Bronzebottom has heard the call of adventure! He's grown bored of life as an intern so he’s packing his bags and parting ways with his employers in search of new perils and fortunes, and he’s bringing his own party along with him. The holiday special was my last run with the AI crew. To assist Binwin in his pursuit of glory, I'll be stepping away from the Acquisitions Incorporated table to work on some new endeavors that we'll be sharing with you at PAX South, East, West, and Gencon in 2017.

Bill Roper (friend, known for his design and production work on the Warcraft, Starcraft, & Diablo franchises, and former VP at Disney Interactive) is working with us on a new game aptly titled Binwin’s Minions. It's an RPG/Puzzle hybrid that lets players take on the roles of Binwin’s trusted Minions as they literally sacrifice themselves over and over and over again, sometimes quite gruesomely, in an attempt to acquire amazing riches for their beloved Dwarven benefactor.

Binwin's Minions is in a pre-alpha state right now, but you can join us in developing the game LIVE during our panels at PAX-es and Gencon this year. We really hope that you can come watch us, but also that we get a chance at these shows to sit down with you test, play, and kill each other over and over until we all laugh so hard we pass out.

As an added bonus, we're fortunate at our PAX South Panel (Friday 1/27 5:30PM - 6:30PM, Cactus Theatre) to have Chris Perkins running us through an introductory adventure that will set the stage for the game and for Binwin’s new life!

And if you’d like a pre-panel primer on Binwin and his new rag-tag crew of level 1 expendables, you can read the Binwin Minions webcomic which is drawn and written by Tavis Maiden and updates every Friday.

So there you go. You're getting Acq Inc AND Binwin’s Minions. We love ya so much we adventured you twice!