Binwin Bronzebottom shirt NOW SHIPPING!

Those of you familiar with the D&D podcasts I do with Los Bros Pennies-Arcades and Wil Wheaton, esq. know good and well who Binwin Bronzebottom is. He is the greatest fighter-dwarf in all the four realms and through-out the twelve kingdoms. He has no need for perception checks, he’ll find the trap when he steps into it.

Click here for a bigger view of the art.

And now he’s emblazoned across a black tee shirt for you to wear to your next gaming session. Let your DM know that you’re not afraid of what he has in store for you. Your Will, Fortitude, and Armor class are more than ample to withstand anything he can throw at you.

The Binwin shirt is available right now in the Store. They are in-stock and ready to ship. So feel free to order right away!