Best Of PvP, New posters in the store

If you are new to PvP and find the archives to be an impossible chasm of comic strips to wade through, I have a treat for you. A brand new book that collects the very BEST of PVP. This 160 page book collects my favorite comics from the past five years, complete with author notes and commentary. It’s a perfect jumping on point for new readers. A great way to introduce friends to the strip. Or, if you’ve been with the strip from day one, it’s a fun way to reminisce about our favorite moments together and gain some insight into what informed my work.

I’m incredibly proud of this book and excited to be able to offer it to you directly from our online store. They are in the warehouse and ready to ship, so feel free to pick one up today so we can get it to your doorstep asap.

We also have updated the store with two new posters. 17x24 wall adornments printed on nice thick paper stock. These are gorgeous posters and we have two designs up at the store for you to choose from. One featuring the memetic duo of LOLbat and Retweet and the other is a motivation poster featuring our favorite dungeon crawler Binwin Bronzebottom.

Be sure to stop by the store today!