Bag Review - Filson Journeyman Backpack

Fun Fact: I have a bag problem. I love bags. I love backpacks, daypacks, messenger bags. I love awesome shit to carry my gear around in. I love bags for camping, traveling, everyday carry, conventions, art supplies, you name it. I've seen a few bags and I know what's good, what's bad and what's in between. And I'm happy to review any bags that are sent my way. Today we're going to review a bag from one of my top two favorite bag makers: Filson.

Filson is a Seattle based manufacturer of outdoor gear that started in the 1800s when C.C. Filson started producing goods for the Klondike Gold Rush. Filson continues that tradition by using only the best materials and methods to make their clothing, bags and accessories. Yes, Filson can be pricy, but you get what you pay for. You can probably imagine how thrilled I was when Filson offered us one of their Journeyman backpacks to take with us to GenCon 2017.

Sadly, the bag is too small for me. Boo! Luckily it's the perfect size for Angela. Yay! And since she lugs around the most stuff at conventions anyway it worked out perfectly. Here are Angela's first impressions of this simple yet versitle bag:

The Journeyman Backpack is made from Filson's signature "tin cloth". It is soft, water repellent and the construction of this bag, as with all other Filson bags, is top-notch. The extra large brass zipper with bridle leather pulls and the snaps on leather finger loops for one handed closing are great design choices. 

This is by far the most comfortable backpack I've ever worn. It sits exactly where it should on my shoulders. The straps are soft and comfortable and the weight is perfectly distributed so that the backpack never felt heavy despite my having easily loaded it with at least 15+ pounds. Because I was travelling to a convention this backpack was packed.
The layout of this backpack is very simple but that's exactly what I like about it. 

The large main compartment has 3 sections: a spacious main compartment,  a padded laptop sleeve that is large enough to easily hold a 15 inch laptop, and a inside front zipper pocket for cables and smaller items. The front of the backpack has nice large pocket which expands with snaps in each coner and closes with a finger loop snap. 

My one minor criticism of the bag is I'd love one outer pocket for a water bottle. I don't like putting water bottles in the main compartment of my bag, especially if I'm carrying electronics. I don't like having one dangling from a caribiner on the outside of the bag either.  Other than that, I found this bag perfect in every other way.  Wonderful Everyday carry bag. It is light weight, sturdy, comfortable and incredibly stylish. I also think it would be a great bag for simple day hikes due to the balance, fit and weight distribution of the bag. I would take this to outdoor concerts, picnics, the office, just about anywhere you need to go.

I look forward to breaking it in.

Thank you, Filson, for sending a bag my husband couldn't use.



Again, I'm a fan of Filson and pretty much everything they make. High quality goods and a local business to boot. What's not to love? Check out the Journeyman Backpack and all the other great Filson products.