Australia Bound

We’re going down under

Kris and I are about to board a plane for Melbourne, Australia. We’re going to be hosting an evening with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as they regale us with some of our favorite video game music. I can’t wait. It’s such an honor to get to do this. Kris and I have a couple days of tourism planned with our ladies before the hustle and bustle of next week starts. I know they got a lot of press stuff for us to do. Radio stations and the like. I’m so excited.

In the meantime, I have two awesome guest weeks worth of strips. You’re already enjoying Ethan Nicolle’s Axe Cop mashup with our very own LOLbat. And next week Mike and Jerry will bring a brand new PvP story for you guys to enjoy.

The fact that we’re in Melbourne means we won’t be attending PAX East. Something I swore I would never miss for anything. I guess a once-in-a-lifetime-trip to Melbourne got me to miss a PAX. Damn this embarrassment of riches.

I hope to blog from Australia. I’ll have no idea what time it is in the states (or in Australia for that matter, probably). But I’ll get pictures up if internet is available and time allows.