Austin Comicon This Weekend

It’s true. I’m doing a Wizard World show

At San Diego this year, Gareb Shamus came to my booth and we had a really nice talk. We talked about a couple of things and he told me that he thought it was dumb that there was kind of bad blood between me and the Wizard shows and he encouraged me to give one of the shows another shot. He told me I would be happy with the way things are run now.

Coincidentally, Brad Guigar and I had planned a trip to Dallas in the hopes of talking to my dad about converting some of his thousands of stories into comic book form. And Brad suggested we plan that trip around Wizard World Austin and make it a thing. So we have.

On October 26-28, I’ll be exhibiting at Austin Comic Con along with my friend Brad Guigar. We’ll be in booths 931 and 929, and we’ll have a ton of great stuff on hand. And clear out your schedule on Friday for our special panel discussion in Room 12AB at 5 p.m.

Dad wanted to come, so we’re brining him along too. Be sure to come by the booth and say hello. He’ll be giving out old-coot-advice. It’ll be great.

We hope to see you there.

Austin Comicon Floormap