Become a Patron of PvP

What the Heck is Patreon?

Patreon is a new tool that allows PvP readers to become more than fans; it allows you to become a Patron of the comic. Patreon also provides us at PvP with a unique opportunity to give back to our most loyal readership with Patron exclusive content, a fancy ad-free website, and unprecedented direct access to you! 

Here, this 60 second video from Patreon does a better job of explaining it than we can.

PvP has been published online daily for over 18 years. Written and illustrated by Scott Kurtz, the Eisner and Harvey Award winning comic strip continues to be and will forever remain free to read everyday at

Over the years PvP has grown from a one-person operation into a small business. We’ve been fortunate to have Dylan Meconis join the writing team, Cory Casoni and Angie Kurtz come on to help run the business, and a host of creative freelancers to help with websites, conventions, games and any crazy ideas we come up with.

Until now PvP has been entirely supported by advertising and merchandise. But these sources of revenue exclude a large portion of our audience who are neither interesting in viewing advertisements nor do they want more stuff… even though our stuff is the best stuff, and if you really love our stuff there’s a whole reward tier in which we send you even more stuff.

Cool! Sooo... What's in it for Patrons?

Our comic has been and will always be free to read, but we want to give a little something extra to fans who decide to become Patrons. We call em Patron Perks

No More Ads

$1/month - Thanks to the hard work of our web-wizards, we've developed a fancy way for our website to recognize Patrons and remove all the ads so that your ad blocker can take a break. This way you get to support the comic you love without having to see all those adverts!

Patron Only Content

$3/month - Patrons at this level and above gain access to a whole new section of the site where we'll be posting all sorts of Patron Only Content: time-lapse vids, sketches, process pieces, anything we think Patrons might enjoy!

Digital Delivery

$5/month - Why even bother going to the website when you can have all the comics, blogs, and Patron Only content collected and delivered straight to your email's inbox!

Patron Only Live Steams

$10/month - Come hangout with Scott, Dylan, and the rest of the PvP gang while they make comics! Every month we'll host a private stream for Patrons to sit in the on process, ask questions, and hangout with the creators.

Let's Get Physical

$25/month - Every month we're sending you a gift! It's a grab-bag of goodies: shirts, prints, books, art, you name it. Once a month you'll have a little PvP on your doorstep.

Über Patron

$100/month - Seriously?! We don't even... uuuh, okay look we'll do something super cool. No idea what it is yet, but in addition to all the other perks we'll figure out something awesome just for you!