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PAX South recap

Going to PAX South was like sending my 2nd child off to her first day of school. My older child, PvP is old enough to vote this year and is already through school and heading off to college. But my youngest, Table Titans, just got her first book. And PAX South was the first day of school for her.

Long story short, she had an amazing first day.

We over-shipped our books and nearly sold out, which is amazing. But what’s even MORE amazing is how many people were discovering Table Titans for the first time. Drawn to our booth by our colorful display, asking what we were all about, discovering we were a graphic novel and dropping twenty bucks to give it a shot. We were floored.

We want to kiss everyone on the mouth for the way they treated us this weekend. It really doesn’t happen much anymore. Attendee interest has shifted a bit and a lot of people go to shows to experience pop-culture as an event. There aren’t a lot of people looking for new comics to check out. So the fact that so many of you told me how my illustrations made you want to buy the book is beyond flattering. It was downright life-affirming!

Table Titans has so much potential, and just our 2016 plans for her have me so excited I’m vibrating. You’ll be hearing much more about it in the next couple of months. PAX South was an amazing start to what is going to be a spectacular year.

I’d also like to give a big thanks to everyone who made it to my family panel. I know we were scheduled opposite the make-a-strip panel and so a lot of you weren’t able to come. But those of you who did made it a very special time for myself, my brother and my dad. He really enjoys doing them and meeting all of you. The plan is to get him to Seattle for another panel at Prime. We’ll see how he feels about it, closer to that show.

Thank you San Antonio. We’ll see you next year.

Next stop for us is Emerald City Comicon from April 7-10. Hope to see you there!