State of the Union - Post Con Season

With Rose City Comic Con behind us, the 2014 con season has come to a close for Toonhound Studios. We have no more planned appearances until January 2015.

A quick State of the Union for all of you very faithful fans. Yes, our update schedule has been pretty out-of-whack during the month of August. We had three back to back conventions, not to mention many on the Toonhound staff, myself included, had our personal lives jump up and bite us on the backside. It was a busy month. But con season is over, and we're all home and ready for autumn to settle in. Time to rebuild our buffers and get back to the work of making comics.

I've got a lot of mixed feelings about conventions these days. It's important to get out and meet your audience, interact with your fans. But I'm curious if there are not more dignified and intimate ways of doing so than on a comic convention floor. It's something I'd like to muse about for the future. Convention hopping is a young person's game, and traveling gets harder and harder the older you get (and the more projects you take on).

Geek-culture is becoming pop-culture. Comics, Anime, Dungeons & Dragons: these are the obsessions that used to separate many of us from the mainstream. Now they ARE mainstream. The landscape of fandom is changing and change is never easy. As always, I'm in it for the long haul. I want to be telling stories until I'm no longer physically able to do so. I'm excited about exploring new ways to get those stories to you and to interact with you.

Thanks to everyone who took the time and spent the money to come see us at Emerald City, Pax East, Pax Prime, Gencon and Rose City. It means the world to us that you fight the crowd to find and support us.

Con season is over for 2014, but we have a lot of really exciting stuff coming before the year ends. New products, new comics, new artists and more PvP and Table Titans.

So long as you kids keep reading it, we'll keep making it.