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Saddleback Leather

You may remember last week we ran some strips in which Brent showed off his new leather man-bag. Those strips were inspired by my brother and his leather bag from Saddleback Leather Company (it was his Christmas gift from all of us a couple years ago). Now, Brian loves this bag and we tend to rib him about it. I couldn't resist using Brent to poke him in the ribs. Of course, he loved the strips.

So did the people at Saddleback. And I heard form Dave, who started the company and Sarah who runs PR there. They were thrilled to see their bags featured in the comics and as thanks, they sent me a bag!

Today I recieved the Saddleback messenger bag and I'm just blown away at how amazing this thing is. It's going to be an amazing art bag and I'm sure you'll see it hanging over my shoulder at all the conventions next year. I tried to make an unboxing video, but I'm really not very good at those. It's really terrible but here it is anyway.

I can't recommend these bags enough. Everything they make has a 100 year warrantly, are made in the United States (in Texas) and are of unmatched quality. The best leather, polyester stitching, rivets at all the stress points, pigskin lining, no zippers or snaps. Just amazing bags that you'll pass on to your kids and grandkids. They're indestructable and they only get better looking and feeling with use and age.

I'm not getting paid to talk up the product. I'm beside myself that Dave and Sarah sent me a bag, but truth be told, I was already saving up for one.

These bags aren't cheap. They're expensive bags. But you'll never have to buy another one that's for sure. They'll last a lifetime. I can't speak more highly of the company. I really respect their core beliefs, passion and the quality of their work, and again, I'm thrilled they enjoyed our comics.

Thank you Dave, Sarah and everyone at Saddleback for my early Christmas gift. I will do my best to rep you in the wild. Hopefully you'll get a lot of cartoonists order bags to carry their sketchbooks and paints and pens. They certainly won't be dissapointed if they do.